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Math Madness offers Remote control helicopter educators a fun, innovative aproach to teaching mathematics utilizing music!  *
Bob Garvey, a math teacher with over 35 years in the classroom, has recorded musical CD's that anyone can order and use in his/her math class.  Bob has put numerous math ideas, formulas, and processes to music. casino spel These songs make learning math easier and more fun for students and teachers alike.

What educators are saying:

"I see students lip synching the tunes during quizzes and tests."
Gina Buran
Math Education Leader and Consultant
Cincinnati, Ohio
"It is great to see one of my former students and hear them sing to me the quadratic formula song or another math song that stuck in their head.  Bob has done a fabulous job creating catchy tunes to assist students elementary through high school with math facts."

Marc Lipson
Math Education Leader and Consultant
Macon, GA

"The songs are definitely the most entertaining method of learning math I
have ever found, and if learning is entertaining and enjoyable, bookkeeping services hornsby it becomes
a lot easier. They also get stuck in your head, so it is impossible to
forget them. Adding fractions form a teepee, teepee..........

The songs also managed to get my entire, half-asleep, first period precal
class to fully wake up and enjoy music related to math."

Jessica Tingle
Louisville Collegiate School
Louisville, KY

"We're using the   I also have two girls in class who made up a dance to it.  Through the walls yesterday, we heard another teacher's class singing the vertex song."

Lori Durham
State Math Education Leader
Scott County Schools
Louisville, KY

*Bob Garvey is currently a math education leader, consultant, and writer; National Instructor and presenter for Teachers Teaching with Technology (T-cubed); Presidential Award winner in mathematics.

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